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A hearty welcome to Still-Moving:

The DJ duo with live percussion, caps and braces, random vintage props, rusty antique ship lantern lights, 1920s bicycles, loads of records, gramophones and... dinosaurs!

Seen and heard regularly at music venues, festivals, weddings, parties and events, The Still-Moving DJs bring a diverse range of real music from around the world to all ages.

If you've seen us perform you'll have an idea about what we do, and probably agree that it's pretty hard to describe as we're a bit urmm... unusual (as you can probably tell by the pictures)! So to help out we've listed comments that people have made about us on the about page, along with further information.

The Music

Here's a rough guide to what we may include in our sets. But please note we don't have a clue what's in the charts or Fame Academy etc... not really our cuppa!

  • Jazz, Swing, Charleston, Lindy-Hop, Electro Swing / Antique Beats, 1920's to 1950's ... (sometimes including original 78s on wind-up gramophone players!)
  • World music from African to Balkan to Latino to Bhangra and lots more ...
  • Roots music from Folk to Medieval to Gypsy ...
  • Classics from 60's Rock & Roll to Soul to funk to Motown ...
  • Reggae, Dub & Ska

Bookings & Shows

Click here for details of how book us, or here for dates of shows coming up. For some beautifully random conversations, pictures, details of upcoming shows you're also welcome to Follow us on Twitter (, or Join us on Facebook ( Hope to see you soon :)



HomeAboutDatesStillsMovingsBooking / Contact



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