Still-Moving - Websites and Imaging

Still-Moving started in 2009, and offers a broad range of digital services including website design, webinar systems, digital imaging and graphics.  Based in Hamble, Southampton, and part of Hampshire Studios, which offers voiceover recording, webinar and online streaming services streaming, green-screen studio and more.  We're passionate about our work, your work, creativity and tea!

Advice is always FREE!

Please contact me for further information, price estimates, or advice. I'm always happy to hear your ideas over a brew (*by Zoom for the time being!)!  For more information please contact us.

Website Design

Every site is bespoke, with different styles and features according to the requirements of the client and their site visitors.

  • Fresh, clear and focused - layout, navigation, fonts, colours, message ...
  • Responsive - for mobile devices
  • Content Management System - (CMS) so you can add and edit content
  • Accessible - for Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements
  • Search engine friendly
  • Social Media integration
  • Domains, emails, hosting - help with registering and setup etc...
  • Tuition - how to add and edit content
  • Optional features - forms, diary, maps, blogs, video and more...
  • Ongoing support - updates, maintenance, additional features...

Graphics & Imaging

Whether it is for online purposes such as your website and social media, or for print and video, Still-Moving can help.

  • Website Graphics - logos, design elements, compression etc.
  • Photographic restoration - for old, faded or damaged photos
  • Social Media - graphics, logos, adverts and more
  • 'Photo-shopping' - editing, effects, layering, retouching and more ...
  • Print - books, flyers, business cards, posters ...
  • Film, TV, Video - graphics, logos, design elements, charts etc ...
  • PowerPoint presentations - branding, layout, graphics, charts/tables, design continuity ...

Featured Website

Here’s some recent examples of website projects.  You can view more here.

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Hampshire Offices and Virtual Offices.


East Sussex – Luxury Bell Tent Hire

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COVID-19: business as usual

It's 'business as usual', but mostly working from home and making good use of online communication tools.  Also helping clients set up video and audio communications for 'remote meetings' or so they can live-stream product demos directly to customers, or contact family and friends etc.  Please email or call for any further information.

DDA - Disability Discrimination Act

With all design, consideration should be taken for those that may not find it particularly easy to view or hear digital media, and accessibility is a legal requirement in the UK.  Producing work that is also suitable for people that perhaps don't have good eyesight, blind, reading difficulties, colour-blindness or hearing difficulties is a specialty. For example, we've even built our own system that simulates various forms of colour-blindness that we can apply to any design to check that various colour combinations are clear and readable etc.  If you would like to know more about how this may effect your organisations communications, please contact us.

Still Moving is part of Hampshire Studios, with voiceover and greenscreen studios, web-streaming and webinar facilities, PA services and more...