Still-Moving launched in 2009 to support business and organisations with affordable and high standard services.

During 2020 Still-Moving collaborated with like-minded creatives with various digital media specialties to set up Hampshire Studios.  Hampshire Studios is based in Hamble, Southampton, and has voiceover recording studio, green screen studio, and plenty to offer!

We believe that the best compliment any organisation can get is repeat custom, and we’re proud to say we still team up with clients that have been with us from the beginning.

We wish to thank everyone for their ongoing support, recommendations and supplying us with tea and biscuits on many occasions!

What’s so good about Still-Moving?

  • Listening! - Our priority is to get to know you, business, your products or services, and your aims. From there we can help work out what’s best for you within budget.
  • Support – Accessible and provide on-going support.
  • Cost – We consider your needs and budget, and by keeping overheads down we can offer fair prices.
  • Simplicity – We avoid unnecessary jargon, and our work is ‘message focused’.
  • Community Networks – We are in regular contact with many highly skilled people and organisations. If we can’t help, we probably know someone that can, so ask us anyway!
  • Focus – We are based with our friendly associates ‘Focus’, who can help meet any of your video communication needs (www.focusbiz.co.uk).
  • Experience and Knowledge – From working with small business to large corporations, media, and charity organisations. We’re always happy to advise, so feel welcome to get in contact.
  • Deadlines and professionalism – We will work to meet your deadline (*within reason, and sometimes with the help of strong coffee!).
  • Environment – We maintain a ‘green’ policy, and avoid any unnecessary use of materials.

Click here for info about Still-Moving’s chappy – Martin Davis!

Please contact us for any further information

Still Moving is part of Hampshire Studios, with voiceover and greenscreen studios, web-streaming and webinar facilities, PA services and more...